Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How my mother lost fourty four pounds for herself - Weight Loss for Women

Hello readers,

My mother was in her 50's and was overweight, and she needed to lose more than a few pounds.  She had low self-esteem and depression due to these issues.  This affected not only herself, but me as well.  She took out her frustration on me, my brother and my father.  She wanted the figure that her "trophy wife" friends had, the one she had back in college.  Naturally, I wanted to help her.  Not just for her own benefit but for the people around her, including myself.

Women's estrogen levels fluctuate as they age.  Being as there is a direct correlation between hormone balance and physical appearance, I started research on the best approach to achieve balance for her.  I went through and we tried all types of supplements and even prescription medication.  While I conducted my research, I noted that many articles indicate that exercise maintains a healthy hormone balance while also burning calories and melting away fat.

That's obvious, but how could I get her motivated to work out?

I discovered this program.  They have live coaches that will keep you motivated, they instruct you on exactly what to do.  There is no way to go wrong if you follow their instructions, and having a coach is a great motivational tool.

I hope this helps someone.